Some interesting stuffs (blogs/articles/papers and useful resources) that I’ve read in Q1 2017.


Mac Malware of 2016

Iran Leaks Censorship via BGP Hijacks

Summary of the latest ShadowBrokers release (+IOCs)

Practical OS X Malware Detection & Analysis

Memory Forensics of Linux and Mac Systems

MongoDB ransom

How to secure MongoDB on Linux or Unix production server

Windows 10 PE for Digital Forensics

PowerShell Remoting and Incident Response

Stopping Malware With a Fake Virtual Machine

Cracking Android Pattern Lock in Five Attempts

Network Forensics Playbook – Banner Inspection and Client Origin

Have Fun with Machine Learning: A Guide for Beginners

Open-Sourcing Our Incident Response Documentation

SANS 2016 Holiday Hack Challenge Writeup

The science of Westworld

Randomness in Linux

/r/netsec’s Q1 2017 Information Security Hiring Thread

Android Vulnerabilities: Attacking Nexus 6 and 6P Custom Boot Modes

Who is Anna-Senpai, the Mirai Worm Author?

Windows Privilege Escalation Methods for Pentesters


Red Teamers Can Learn Secrets by Purple Teaming

2016 Cyber Attacks Statistics

How to Tell Which Application Is Using Your Windows PC’s Webcam

A Brief Summary of Encryption Method Used in Widespread Ransomware

With Release of Windows 10, Questions About BitLocker Arise Again

The Twitter Activist Security

You will be surprised by what your Tweets may reveal about you and your habits

Everything you need to know about HTTP security headers

I am Mikko Hypponen. I hunt hackers. I’m here to answer your questions for Data Privacy Day. AMA!


Printer Security

Analyzing a malicious document with a mac-specific payload

Enhanced Analysis of GRIZZLY STEPPE Activity


Announcing the first SHA1 collision

Prominent Human Rights Activists in Egypt Targeted by Sophisticated Hacking Attacks

OS X as a Forensic Platform

A Journey into NTFS

Are hardware write blockers more reliable than software ones

Accessing & Copying Volume Shadow Copy Contents From Live Remote Systems

Ransomware And The Boot Process

Blocking Malicious PowerShell Downloads

Detailed threat analysis of Shamoon 2.0 Malware

Hardening Win7 x64 on VirtualBox for Malware Analysis

OSX (Mac) Memory Acquisition and Analysis Using OSXpmem and Volatility

The Effect of Encryption on Lawful Access to Communications and Data

How to Hack Your Office – Before Someone Else Does

Running Executables on macOS From Memory

A guide for journalists covering protests

Android gives apps full access to your network activity

Sources, configuration and how to detect evil things utilizing Microsoft Sysmon.

Password managers: attacks and defenses

Mirai – Inside of an IoT Botnet

Here are 250 Ivy League courses you can take online right now for free

Hacking WordPress 4.7.0 – a step-by-step guide

Threat Hunting with Sysmon!2843&ithint=file%2cpptx&app=PowerPoint&authkey=!AMvCRTKB_V1J5ow

How to Encrypt Your Windows System Drive With VeraCrypt

I’m Kevin Mitnick, The World’s Most Famous Hacker. AMA AMA!

Adventures in /usr/bin and the likes

Hacking Android phone. How deep the rabbit hole goes.

Spam and phishing in 2016

Beginner’s Guide to Open Source Incident Response Tools and Resources

How to Run a Rogue Government Twitter Account With an Anonymous Email Address and a Burner Phone

How DNS Works in Tor & ITs Anonymity Implications

How SHA-1 Collisions Can Affect Us in Real-World Attacks

OSCP-like Vulnhub VMs

The Collapse of the UNIX Philosophy

Setting up a Pentesting… I mean, a Threat Hunting Lab


Vault 7 Megathread – Technical Analysis & Commentary of the CIA Hacking Tools Leak

Remote Code Execution (RCE) Attacks on Apache Struts

Yahoo Hack

HTTPS Interception Weakens TLS Security

Blue Team Basics – PCAP File Extraction

Extracting data from damaged NTFS drives

Getting Physical With USB Type-C : Windows 10 RAM Forensics and UEFI Attacks

iOS Security – iOS 10

Android Security 2016 Year in Review

Secure computing for journalists

Learning from the field : Vulnhub

Powershell Exploit Analyzed Line-by-Line

Spora Ransomware: Understanding the HTA Infection Vector

Some notes on malware

Essential PowerShell Resources

PowerShell obfuscation techniques

Pincodes, Passcodes, & TouchID on iOS – An Introduction to the Aggregate Dictionary Database (ADDataStore.sqlite)

Recovering BitLocker Keys on Windows 8.1 and 10

A look at inner workings of Joycon and Nintendo Switch

Attacking RDP – How to Eavesdrop on Poorly Secured RDP Connections

The State of Internet Censorship in Thailand

How Cyber Criminal Marketplaces Operate: Carding and Reshipping

Roadmap to becoming a web developer in 2017

Mobile Security Research – Recap 2016

Exploring North Korea’s Surveillance Technology

A Red Teamer’s guide to pivoting

The Non-Technical Guide to Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Linux Malware Analysis using Limon Sandbox

Red Team Penetration Testing

gargoyle : a memory scanning evasion technique for Windows

What happens when you swipe a credit card?

Understanding HTTP Authentication Basic and Digest

Better living through online security & encryption

Secure configuration for devices running Windows 10 1607 “Anniversary Edition”

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