openSUSE 11.4 : How to train your lizard [Part 1]

This is my first Linux blog post and my first time to blogging in English. The simple reason for writing in English because I want to improve my English skill and another reason is when you fresh install openSUSE, the Thai font are display very ugly and hard to read.

So, I think writing in English may help Thai people can read easier than write in Thai.

Compare with Ubuntu or Linux Mint, openSUSE is not easy to use. By default installation, Thai language is not ready, you have to configure and tweak many things to make it usable.

I think I would not talk about basic or newbie guide, because this guide are better than I can do -_-”

After you download, burn, and install openSUSE, your screen will look like this

[Pic 1 Desktop]

First, I would like to introduce YaST, this is the best thing that make me love openSUSE. YaST is the tool to help you escape from command line or leave from touching dangerous configuration files. You can see and change many things in GUI mode.

To start using YaST, just click the Application Launcher button and type YaST, you will find it.

[Pic 2 Yast]

OK. Let’s tame your lizard.

[Setting system proxy]

Why I’m writing this section first? because when you connect to the internet in KKU, you must set proxy server before you can go on. In openSUSE, there are 2 destination you have to go to set proxy. First is the “Proxy” icon that under the “Network Services” in YaST, set to this.

And the second. Click the Application Launcher button and click “Configure Desktop”, go to “Network Settings” and set to this.

You have to Log Off and Log in again to take effect.

[Install Thai language]

To install a new language, you have to open YaST, click the “Language” icon that under “System” section. Find “Thai”, select and click OK. You must connect to the internet before install new language.

If this is the first time you connect to the internet, it will download a new update for openSUSE automatically, so you may be have to wait for a long time… until it download complete.

After download and install process complete, you can see the Thai font have been change and can read easier, but you still can’t type Thai. We have to add Thai keyboard layout.

Click on the Application Launcher button, go to “Personal Settings” and find the icon named “Locale”.

Click Keyboard > Layout > Add Layout and add Thai keyboard layout like this picture. Click OK to close the box.

Go to “Advanced” tab and select the method to switching language. I preferred Alt-Shift.

OK. After you done this you can read and type Thai text.

Enjoy your lizard 🙂

More things to come in Part 2, coming soon…


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